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Stay at the top of your game with these fun challenges. Work your way through these drills to improve your game!

Skill Improvement

Want to improve your drive? How about master an arial lift, or learn the technique for a reverse chip shot?  Great field hockey players have a wide range of skills that they use when playing in a game.  Your challenge for this week is to choose a skill you want to learn or improve on, and research it!  There are a lot of great videos online that walk you step by step through a skill.  Pick a skill, watch a video, and then try the skill at home!  Have fun and work hard!

Cone Dribbling

Set up an obstacle course and practice controlled dribbling around the cones/obstacles (use soup cans, balled-up socks, or anything else you can find if you don't have cones). Remember to use controlled dribbling. Work to improve by increasing speed while maintaining control. Have fun! 



Partner Passing

Find a sibling, parent, or friend and give little love touch passes back and forth, about 6 feet apart, seeing how many passes you can get in a minute. If your partner doesn’t have a stick, have them roll the ball to you. Receive it softly and gently pass the ball back focusing on accuracy and follow through. Have fun!



Air Dribbling

Count how many times you can air dribble without dropping the ball. Try different kinds of balls besides a hockey ball (tennis, soccer, etc). Try passing a ball with a family member. 


See if you can improve your count each day. Remember to have fun with this! Don't forget to post pictures and videos to our Facebook page so we can see your progress! 

Yardstick Pulls

  • Time yourself to see how long it takes you to get 100 pulls OR see how many pulls you can get in one minute.

  • Each day, try to improve your score, making sure to shift your weight from side to side.

  • Make your pulls wide enough to beat a defender!


See the video below of Addie and Boston Weiler. Addie is using a GO ball and Boston is using a tennis ball. If it's rainy and you have to practice inside, make sure you get permission first! 

These are some simple ways to keep your stick skills sharp. Remember to WORK HARD and HAVE FUN! 

-Join the fun! -


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